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Alicia: Hey Jess, we’re relaunching as Hudson County Moms! How excited are you?

Jess: Omg, I’m beyond and I cannot wait!

Alicia: Well, thanks for inviting me on this journey with you. Maybe we should share a little bit about ourselves. Jess, you go first!

Jess: Hi all! I’m Jess Kress, newly single mother to Beau, my little two-year old ham. I moved to Jersey City in 2014 with his father (a Jersey boy) from NYC for more space and a change of scenery. I’ve been in the Hospitality industry most of my life and really love the scene here.

Alicia: Well, I’m Alicia. I have a husband named Thomas and together we have a daughter named Emi. I also have 2 stepchildren who are teenagers, one of whom lives with us. I worked in fashion for 10 years and now I’m in the home decor industry. We’ve been living in Jersey City since 2013 and we absolutely love it! There’s always something to do here, and most places you go are super child friendly.

Jess: Agreed! Although I have to say, when I first moved here, it was definitely not the “baby scene” it is now. It’s been really cool to see how the city has evolved, and I love how the local art/music/creative aspects have been integrated into the family community. As a new mom, I wasn’t aware of all of the local resources and activities, so this journey has been such a joy!

Alicia: Yeah, before I had Emi I was working so much as well, so looking for family activities wasn’t even on my mind. But anyway, did you think when you started this that it would become what it is today and that you would eventually end up with the best business partner ever?! LOL!

Jess: Ha! I honestly didn’t know what to expect, I thought, let me give this a whirl and see what happens! Life is unpredictable and while I had no idea I would end up with a partner, I have to say it has made this whole venture so much more exciting and rewarding (she is, quite literally, the best)!

Alicia: *Pats myself on the back* Lol! Well, for those of you reading this and wondering exactly what Hudson County Moms is, we’re a resource website for local moms (and parents in general) here in Hudson County, NJ.

Jess: Yeah, and our aim is to create a not just a directory of resources and local events, but to also introduce you into the amazing community of moms (and dads!) that our county has to offer.

Alicia: Jess, do you want to tell these lovely people why you initially started doing this, because I think it’s a really nice story.

Jess: Absolutely! I’ve always wanted to be a mom, so when I had Beau in 2018, I was over the moon but also a little lost on how to meet local moms. A family friend told me about The Local Moms Network and when I went to find the local site, realized they didn’t have one here yet. I was a SAHM at the time and figured, what better way to embark on this new chapter? I contacted them and the rest is history!

Alicia: So, in looking for resources for yourself as a mom, we’re now providing resources to a whole county’s worth of mamas. So good!

Jess: Yes, I’m so excited to expand! Jersey City is such an amazing city, but it’s time to meet the neighbors. I can’t wait to hear from our mamas about their favorite spots and activities; how are you feeling about it?

Alicia: I’m also super excited! I haven’t ventured out of Jersey City much, so I’m so excited to expand our community of moms and learn about new activities for both myself and my family. I’m also really looking forward to talking to some like minded parents.

Jess: Absolutely! That is one of my favorite outcomes from starting this site is all of the amazing parents I’ve met along the way. And now we’re going to broaden our horizons and meet more, I cannot wait!

Alicia: What’s your favorite thing to do with Beau?

Jess: Anything active! We are very into super heroes in our house, the Liberty Science Center has a great exhibit of DC Heroes right now which was a great hit! He’s also a great eater, so I love cooking with him and having lunch dates around town.

Alicia: Mine is definitely going anywhere with arts and crafts! We’re an art loving family!

Jess: Good call! You couldn’t live anywhere more perfect for that, right? We love some art, but the attention span for arts and crafts has yet to come. What can I say, he keeps me on my toes!

Alicia: Well, I’m so glad to be doing this with you Jess! And I can’t wait to find so many more amazing things to do in Hudson County to share with you and our readers!

Jess: Same, I’m so excited to be taking on this big adventure with you and make sure to stay tuned to all of you other mamas (and dads!)

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