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A you may guess, I spend A LOT of time on social media as part of my job which leaves me with little time to scroll through my own personal account. That being said, when I do have a few minutes, these are some of my favorite must follows for great content every time. They all contain some elements of humor, design, mental health/workouts, and most importantly, they are authentic!

First up is Maria Baab’s @momscomeclean . You may recognize her as a previous and sometimes special guest moderator on @jerseycitymamas or as a clean beauty advocate and Beauty Counter director. This woman is a Pinterest treasure for at home activities for kids, in the kitchen (her man is a chef!) and one of my favorite accounts to follow for current event updates. She is refreshingly honest, does her research and is passionate about whatever she posts. She is one of those women who is constantly uplifting and offering different tips or ways to treat yo self (my recent most fav, dry brushing!)



Next is Desiree Watts’ @adarlingmama. This spicy lady is also local, a current moderator of @jerseycitymamas and Beauty Counter Manager (her and Maria are great friends, no surprise!) and I first got hooked on her hilarious stories. While she definitely shares social causes, clean beauty and more serious topics, when she lets her silly side go, hold on! She’s one of those people who isn’t afraid to laugh at herself, has a great knack for finding the best filters and is frank about things that most people won’t approach (hello Flex Cup    editorial).


Do you love cocktails and home décor with some Nashville and Palm Springs flavor thrown in? Then Natalie Jacob’s @arseniclace is for you! Author of Mod Cocktails and recently relocated to Nashville, this colorful concoction queen is serving up retro country glam, tasty treats and beverages and lots of home décor eye candy. Her love for Dwight Yoakam and pension for pink and boozy creations are a constant            themes and will have you whipping up some Aperol Spritz Popsicles in  no time. Be sure to check out her post for Negroni Week featuring Negroni cupcakes, YUM!



For my celeb-mom account crush, look no further than Molly Sims @mollybsims ! She brings the daily laughs with her wine-flavored parenting tic tocks, great workout routines and her favorite beauty picks (who doesn’t want a super model’s beauty product advice?!). I have saved more than one of her posts for a quick and approachable workout to keep in my back pocket and you may have seen some of her “parenting advice” posts on our Stories!




Finally, last but not least, an account who covers it all! I first discovered Kate Grace Bauer Rouchell  @kategracebauer from following one of my favorite artists, Ashley Longshore (she used to be part of her team before deciding to be a SAHM). She was newly pregnant and her candid honesty about mental and physical health during her pregnancy, her vibrant tastes in art, life, food and home drew me in immediately. Since then, she has moved into the role of being a stay at home mom, practicing (and now selling!) some amazing art and is a huge mental health advocate. She is constantly sharing cool art/home finds, local New Orleans spots,      workouts (are we seeing a trend here?) and her experience as a mother.


So there you have it! If you don’t follow these ladies already, check them out and I’d love to hear your recommendations as well!

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